Cat Litter Tray

Brand > Petmate

  • Petmate Stay Fresh Litter Pan Smooth Hi-back Low Front With Microban 48cm, Large
  • Petmate Dosckocil Kitten Litter Pan Durable & Lightweight 36cm, Small Assorted
  • Petmate Hooded Cat Litter Pan Set Raised Back With Microban 46x43cm, Black/grey
  • Petmate Litter Pan, Blue/gray, Jumbo
  • Hi-back Litter Pan Box Jumbo Cat Ideal, High Back Pet Animal Tray Plastic
  • Petmate Plastic Hi-back Cat Litter Pan Extra Strength Sleek-53cm, Jumbo Assorted
  • Petmate Kitty Komplete Hooded Litter Pan Raised Back 56cm, Jumbo Peacock Blue
  • Petmate Booda Scoop'n Hide Litter Clean Hygienic With Built-in Rake 33cm, White
  • Petmate Hooded Litter Pan Set Large, Black/gray Pet Supplies New Gift
  • Petmate Giant Litter Pan Box Multiple Cat Households High Walls Plastic Durable
  • Large Self Sifting Cat Litter Pan Box 3 Part System Clean Slotted Tray Interlock
  • Petmate Stay Fresh Rimmed Pan Smooth Round Edge With Microban Large- 48cm Assorted
  • Petmate Stay Fresh Hooded Cat Pan Smooth Rounded Edges 53x51cm, Jumbo Assorted
  • Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan Non-slip Texture Lid With Built-in Handle- 51cm, Grey
  • Petmate Giant Cat Litter Pan Extra-large Capacity High Walls For Multi Cat- 66cm
  • Petmate Giant Litter Pan For Large & Multi-cats With Built-in Storage- 89cm, Beige