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Pet Waste Disposal System Modko ModKat Cat Litter Box White Innovative Design

Pet Waste Disposal System Modko ModKat Cat Litter Box White Innovative Design
Pet Waste Disposal System Modko ModKat Cat Litter Box White Innovative Design
Pet Waste Disposal System Modko ModKat Cat Litter Box White Innovative Design
Pet Waste Disposal System Modko ModKat Cat Litter Box White Innovative Design
Pet Waste Disposal System Modko ModKat Cat Litter Box White Innovative Design
Pet Waste Disposal System Modko ModKat Cat Litter Box White Innovative Design
Pet Waste Disposal System Modko ModKat Cat Litter Box White Innovative Design
Pet Waste Disposal System Modko ModKat Cat Litter Box White Innovative Design

Pet Waste Disposal System Modko ModKat Cat Litter Box White Innovative Design    Pet Waste Disposal System Modko ModKat Cat Litter Box White Innovative Design
Pet Waste Disposal System Modko ModKat Cat Litter Box White Innovative Design. The Modkat cat litter box from Modko stands out due to its innovative shape and modern design. The high quality plastic is extremely robust. It will look great in any room as it doesn't look like a cat litter box. The Modkat provides entry from above. The litter box is 38cm tall and provides a private, secure place with plenty of space to scrape away without strewing litter all over the place. Once your cat's done its business, it can immediately jump out.

The small holes on the roof serve as a mat to brush of bits of litter and have them fall back down into the litter box. There is a litter scoop included with the product, which can be hung on the hook at the side of the side of the litter box, ready for when you need it. It comes with a scratch-proof litter insert that with its fortified edges fits perfectly inside the Modkat. For cleaning out, remove the lid and clean the litter box as you normally would.

For a deep cleaning, remove the insert by the loops, take it to the rubbish bin, dispose of the litter and clean the insert under running water. Dry off the insert, put it back inside the Modkat, add in fresh litter, and that's that.

A layer of litter 8-10cm high should protect the insert from getting scratched. To get your cat used to the new litter box and the rooftop access, simply place the ModKat box where your old litter box used to be. Your kitty will quickly learn to appreciate the advantages of this functional and fashionable litter box. Modko ModKat Cat Litter Box at a glance.

For a clean surrounding area. With a silver litter insert. Practical handle on the side. Total: 40 x 40 x 38 cm (L x W x H). Entrance: 22 x 22 cm (L x W). Litter scoop for modko box. Box is great for my 2 cats. The only thing that needs to be changed is the scoop the HANDLE fills up with litter so that goes everywhere. Handle just need to be other way round.

Did anyone try this before it went into production. We became owned by two Siamese kittens in July and as I want them to be indoor cats it was vital that their litter arrangements be clean and protected from our three dogs.

The dogs can't get into it. The cats are happy to use it, and it's easy to empty. Only one small criticism - the liner, although very strong and secure, can be scratched out of position by my kitten who has a strange idea of how to cover her doings. These are wonderful litter boxes - they look nice and they hide away anything the cats have done and cleaning them is a doddle. The scoop is also great and the fact it clips on the side of the box is great.

Not sure what the previous reviewer is ranting about as the only part that needed'putting together' was the lid that slides into place? Oh, and you have to actually put the plastic liner in, it fits well and doesnt move. Not really that difficult so dont be put off! Lovely box, expensive but worth it.

I use Worlds Best litter with it and there is zero tracking which is wonderful. I had a trial of the Cats Best and there is a tiny bit of tracking. As it will be of no use not being able to put it together Should I have known it would come in bits to put together I would not have bought it. I have no time no patience and no idea how to put it together so it will get piled up with other useless items I cannot put together.

They should show the picture of what it looks like when it arrives rather than the way it might look if you manage to build it.. I bought this back in November and have been really impressed with it! My husband was outraged at the price haha, but is too very happy with this litter tray. We have limited places to keep a tray and now this can sit in the corner of our living room without it being unsightly and smelly.

It took a week or so for our cat to start using it so worried after what we paid! With a gradual changeover, and he is a large boy and seems to get in and out ok. Cleaning is also easy and we find it doesn't need changing as much and tracking is less. Pricey but worth every penny. Yes this is a ridiculous price tag but really this is the best cat litter tray I have used.

I have a British Shorthair and she took to using the box straight away. I use clumping litter and find it's easy to scoop. It is stylish and blends in well to our small flat. This does not completely eliminate tracking but has reduced it significantly. It's a steep price tag but it's well worth it. Still has design faults that need addressing for this price! I have two indoor cats. One is long and skinny... She refuses to enter and does both her evacuations squatting on top...

Refusing to enter even after several months. The other is a senior, big tabby boy who just fits and finds it very difficult to get out! I can see how on paper this looks good but mostly suited to young, agile cats.

In my experience, not suitable for cats with lessening agility. A'sport's car' of cat boxes... But sometimes you want ease and space! Designer cat litter box although Expensive.

Bought this in January for our new cat Pixie. I was shocked at the price but she was use to a jump in/out litter box and looked really good decided to go for it.

Once found I shopped around for the best price. The box sits in our bathroom and its not obvious what it is.

Choose black version over white (the makers do other colours but not available). Jump in box does a really good job in keeping the litter in the box so your not continually sweeping up. The box is extremely well-made from high-quality materials with attention to detail the top grid rotates in the middle, so any litter drops straight back into the box rather than being flung all over the floor!

There is a lot, lot less litter being tracked down the hallway. My 3 cats all used it within 4hrs of its arrival! However, it is the little design details that make it honestly worth every single penny. Cleaning the litter tray is never going to be a favourite task, but this tray makes it as good as it could possibly be. Fantastic Litter Box - Best I have bought.

I know this litter box is very expensive but being fed up of my monsters kicking litter all over the floor and constantly having to brush it up I decided to splash out and get this. Both my cats didn't realize that it was a litter box at first as I have always used the open tray ones but once they sussed it they are very happy with it and I have a nice clean floor. I think I could write a PhD thesis on cat litter and litter trays, having tried almost every type and model going, in an effort to reduce the number of hours I spend every day sweeping up spilled litter and attempting to keep the house smelling nice.

At last - a solution! No smell and even my large ragdolls fit inside easily. The price made me cry a bit, but it is worth every last penny. Best ever cat litter box. I have cats at home for many years and never have been able to find a litter box that kept the litter in, that was compact but roomy enough to accommodate my cat, that looked acceptable in the home and was easy to clean.

Modcat litter box is superb. Zooplus already sells it a discounted price and now it's discounted again for black friday... You will not regret it. I placed them side by side to give him the choice and when he went to use the toilet he jumped straight into the Modkat. I was extremely relieved considering how much it costs.

It is easy to clean. The cat litter I use Oko Plus works well with Modkat and I don't get very much mess around the box. Many people who come into our house are not aware that it is a cat litter box. Great product but too expensive! Like many other customers, I was really reluctant to spend over 100 quid on a cat loo - but this is such a great product that it's almost worth it!

I still think the price tag is way too high, but the ModKat is very well designed and it really does work as described. My two cats are both pretty fussy about their loo, and their first reaction to the ModKat was to scowl and walk away. Big tabby cracked first - she hates doing her business outside, so she sidled up to the ModKat, gave it a thorough sniff, and got in.

It's a much more elegant solution than any other litter box. I'm moving into a new property that doesn't have a utility room and I wasn't looking forward to having an ugly plastic cat loo on show. The ModKat is not small, but it's as elegant as a cat toilet can possibly be, and the screen keeps about 90% of the litter from clinging to their paws and winding up on the floor. At most there are a few crumbs to sweep up after the cats finish up and exit.

I'd been used to putting a very small amount of litter in the old litter try, and dumping it regularly, but you really do need to put a good 2 depth of litter in the ModKat. The liner is seamed, and if the litter gets too shallow, it is possible for some liquid to seep through the liner into the box itself. This isn't a huge issue, as the ModKat is very easy to clean, and surprisingly, it doesn't actually mean that you use loads more litter - the fact that the liner is flexible means that clumps of used litter come away intact without contaminating the clean litter. I remove solids and soiled clumps once a day, then replace all the litter and clean the box about once every week to ten days and have had no problems with odour at all.

My only worry is that my cats, who love to dig in their litter box, will rip the liner, but so far that hasn't happened. All in all I'm delighted with the ModKat - it gets five stars for performance, but I'm only giving it four stars as I really do think they could bring the price down.

Not the best on the market for the huge price tag. The button snapped on one of the boxes I had.

Only had it a few weeks. It's just not that good. Part two of my review.

Cons - (3) The price - this could be cheaper, as although it ticks all the boxes for a indoor litter-box, I think it is too highly priced. No filter - but that isn't a massive problem, it would just be nice to help contain the smell.

The colour choice of the liner - this could have been black or grey, but blue... The blue liner looks like a pond liner... I can just about live with it & hope they make black ones sometime soon. Sorry'Modkat' - as much as I love this cat-toilet, I have only given it 4 stars as of the hideous blue liner, non-existent filter and the crazy price.

"All sweet thanks heaps A+++ quality item perfect". Top notch to deal with.

Can I return it if theres nothing wrong with it? I received a damaged or faulty item (DOA), what should i do? Do you offer discounts for multiple items? As our prices are already heavily reduced, unless you are ordering 20 plus items of the same product we are not able to offer any discounts.

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Pet Waste Disposal System Modko ModKat Cat Litter Box White Innovative Design    Pet Waste Disposal System Modko ModKat Cat Litter Box White Innovative Design